Welcome! This is KRC's public-facing intranet, containing some online resources that staff and volunteers reference in their day to day work. You are welcome to take a look around, and if you work in the nonprofit community organizing field, you may find some of the resources useful. Only public information is available, well, publicly - you'll find that confidential or internal information is locked behind a password. 

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Phone Banking

Manual Do Not Call Form | List (list requires login)
for when people call back (and we are unable to mark into PDI screen because voter info is not showing at that moment), etc.

June 2018

Click-Dialer Experimental Setup (5/31)

  • Phonebanker Login
    Your browser will warn you that this is dangerous (because the security certificate is for, not for the IP address).  Click on Advanced and the Proceed to (unsafe) and you'll see the same login screen that you've been seeing all along.  Log in as normal.
  • Clicker Settings: Use instead of
  • Monitoring: ping -t
    • What you should expect: Every 0.5 seconds see Reply from bytes=32 time=12ms TTL=53 (numbers don't matter, but this is the normal response)
    • If it shows "Request timed out", it means connection was lost


Experimental Communication Tools

General Service Log In

Volunteer Registration and Sign In

Specialized Service Log In
ID is "krcla" unless otherwise specified


POwrase training


Facilities Reservation