Call To Action: Families Belong Together

We are appalled by the separation of over 2,300 children in the short time since the enactment of the Trump administration's new zero tolerance policy. While this policy was rescinded yesterday by executive order, the creation of what essentially are family jails is not a humane alternative. We demand that the administration ensure the immediate and safe return of the children already separated back to their parents and that racist attacks on immigrant communities stop. This includes an end to placing families in detention centers, criminalizing asylum seekers, the ongoing mass deportation of mothers and fathers and the attack on the family-based immigration system.

Two immigration bills that will harm the family-based immigration system - Goodlatte's Securing America's Future Act and Paul Ryan and Donald Trump's Border Security and Immigration Reform Act - will likely be voted on today: Click here NOW to call your Congressmember!


Hello, my name is [YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME]. I’m calling to tell Rep. [LAST NAME] to vote NO on both the Goodlatte bill, AND the Ryan-Trump anti-immigrant bill. Both bills keep families apart. Both bills block Americans (LIKE ME) from reuniting with (MY/THEIR CHILDREN OR MY/THEIR SISTER/BROTHER].

And we know NOTHING in either of these bills stops the Trump administration from tearing children away from their parents at the border. Will Rep. [LAST NAME] defend immigrant families and vote NO on both the Goodlatte and Ryan-Trump anti-immigrant bills?

We hope [HE/SHE] would protect immigrant families as [HE/SHE] would protect [HIS/HER] own.