Renew Your DACA Now! How to Easily Renew Your DACA

For those who have DACA, renew your DACA now even if it expires next year. DO NOT WAIT. Call the Korean Resource Center for more information or to make an appointment. KRC provides free legal consultation and financial aid to assist with your USCIS filing fee of $495. If you are self-filing, or would like to prepare before the appointment, please review this step-by-step guide to filling out your application! Link: How to Easily Renew Your DACA

KRC Kingsley Office: 540 S Kingsley Dr, LA 90020
Phone Number: 323-937-3718 #4
KRC Website:

Please have the following ready before your appointment:

1. Copy of work permit
2. ID card (driver's license and/or passport)
3. Social Security Card
4. Copy of most recent Approval Notice
5. Two 2x2 color passport-style photos
6. Application filing fee - $495 (call KRC for available financial aid) 

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